Club Captains

 Mia, Jaide, Donny, Henry Captains 2023


The SELAC PB-Athon is an effort to encourage young athletes to perform at their personal bests in all events, whilst also fundraisingfor new equipment to allow our athlete's to achieve their greatest results!
The PB-Athon will commence from the 7th of October until our Club Championships 28th Oct/4th Nov, which will be the last day to record PB’s. Age groups will collaborate to accumulate the largest funds which will earn them a team prize of gift vouchers and gourmet brownies , as well as INDIVIDUAL PRIZES for the ‘Highest Funds Raised’ and ‘Most PB’s Achieved’!
All money is to be collected by the 18th of November by your Team Managers... Please hand in your funds raised in a labelled envelope or plastic bag with Name/Age group/Total Amount Raised/Total BP’s Achieved.

Link to PB-Athon Pledge form

SELAC Club Captains for 2023/24

Jaide and Donny (Captains)

Mia and Henry (Vice Captains)

Jaide Almeida - Club Captain

I’ve been an athlete for 12 years specialising in the hurdles, and throughout this time what I most admire about athletics is how discipline and determination will ultimately result in improvement - a life lesson we can all identify with. As SELAC Captain my best leadership quality is my embodiment of a supportive figure on and outside of the track, being able to empathise and relate to younger athletes as they traverse through their sporting careers.

Donny Wain- Club Captain

I have been doing athletics for 14 years. My favourite event is the 100 m. What I love about athletics where you can hang out with your friends and do activities that you’re interested and passionate about. I want to be at events that I’m showing my gratitude and appreciation to looking forward at this club and cheering everyone on.

Henry Cleaver- Vice Captain

I have been doing athletics at SELAC for 10 years, since the U6’s, and I have adored Javelin ever since we were allowed to use the turbo-javelins, back in U10’s. I have always loved the sportsmanship athletics brings, and especially the kindness and even advice your competitors give in field events. My best quality as a leader is to encourage and cheer on fellow competitors to do and try their best in every event.

Mia Sparks- Vice Captain

I have been doing athletics for seven years now and my favourite event is easily the 100m. What I love about athletics is the sense of community and training with my friends. I would say my best leadership quality is my ability to encourage and support others!



Selection Process Captain x2 and Vice- captains x2

New criteria and selection process for SELAC Captain roles (postponed until after Season 22/23)

Objective: To align the role and responsibilities of the Club Captain to the values of SELAC (fun, teamwork, PBs and inclusive) and to demonstrate the behaviour of a volunteer and leader.

Nomination criteria:

Any athlete the U15 and U17 age groups

Non- gender specific in selection


Selection will be via nomination and then 2. an interview with an interview panel consisting of (1) President, (2) Vice President, and the following panel members who will remain anonymous until the interviews (3) a SELAC parent, (4) an age Marshall and (5) another athlete from u15 or u17. NB: Panel members will not be presenting if their child/ren nominates for captaincy/vice-captaincy in a given year.  


Responsibilities of the Captains and Vice-Captains


Shared responsibilities:

  • of weekly duties including warming up and aiding younger athletes with skill development;
  • when possible assist coaches at mid-week training sessions;
  • at Club Champs and helping committee/volunteers with duties on the day/s of competition;
  • at zones, regionals and attempt to qualify for State, including March past practice and set up as well as  warm-up and cool down duties;

26 October 2021

  • in the organisation of the Christmas party and Presentation Day;
  • in organising min. 2 x fundraising activities during the season; 
  • represent and compete at higher level beyond Saturday morning competition, where possible; 
  • * it is expected that the Captains and Vice-Captains be autonomous, however consultative with the President and Committee Members when developing ALL initiatives to be undertaken

As of next year, nominations need to be received, via the Age Marshalls, before the end of the season. This will be followed by interviews which will be held in the week after State (early April 2022) and recognition of new captains and vicecaptains will be made at Presentation Day  


This year: I would like to get started and ask for 4 Senior Athlete to volunteer in the organisation of at least one fundraising activity for this season.